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"This is a great book written by a great person. We miss Billy as a deputy on the hill. He was the best we have ever had. His writing talent is wonderful and can hardly wait for the next book."

- Joy/Jim, May 10, 2016 

"Thanks for visiting my website, and thanks for your support of your local law enforcement agency.  They can't do it without you!" 
           --Billy Anders
Reviews for books by Billy Anders, Darryl Kimball, and Jim Middleton...

"In that my career while on the San Antonio Police Department and afterwards, many times crossed paths with Billy's, his story brought back some great memories both on the department and during our time in the mountains. It offers a vivid portrayal of police life at 500 foot altitude and of a man I have the highest respect for. Well worth the read."
--by tomt, July 13, 2014

"Great read...and great insight into police helicopter duty.  Billy Anders provides a visual example of "an officer and a gentleman." His writing brings the reader into the cockpit and along for the exciting, and often the humorous side of policing. The helicopter unit in San Antonio has grown from its humble beginnings into a full-time professional and respected unit, in large part due to the hard work and dedication of officers like Billy. The officers on the streets of San Antonio today could not imagine trying to do their jobs without the support of the air units and their pilots.
This is a great read for anyone wishing to know a bit about the inner workings of a police helicopter unit, its history and the men and women assigned there. Billy Anders is the right guy to tell this story. He is as honest and humble as any officer to do the job; respected by all who know him."
--D. Head, June 1, 2014

"Very well done!  Whether an aviation or police buff or both, excellent read! Great book for anyone wanting to be in the police aviator business and wanting to learn about it. I've been a police helicopter pilot and thought the "war stories" wouldn't interest me, but I couldn't put the book down. Highly recommended!! Good job, Darryl Kimball, both in your book and in your job. Thanks for your service!"
--David Dixon, June 16, 2014 
"Cops and Choppers! This is a really good book, well written and told in a very readable style. Kimball tells his personal story from his early days as a street deputy to commanding a Sherriff's Department helicopter. A great read for both law enforcement officers and pilots alike."
--Rara, January 30, 2014
"Great job from a brother officer!  About as candid as it gets. Use google maps or your favorite street view app to see the locations described in the book to enhance the reading experience. As a 30 plus year patrolman for the SAPD working out of west patrol I can attest to the authenticity of the stories told. Some were similar in detail to my encounters. All were splendid examples of the regular experiences of an SAPD officer working the streets. Many of the officers I know and some of the cases I'd heard of through the grapevine. You cannot go wrong here. A+ all the way. Good work Ranger!"
--sapd, January 16, 2014 

"A very good local history book; good condition and well written. Highly recommended for those who walked in the author's shoes as well as for the next generation."
--John Menefee, January 31. 2013
"Billy Anders is a Master story teller. The adventures of this curious man make for fun and interesting reading. Humorous and deep at the same time. His love and admiration for particularly the Sacramento Mountains of New Mexico, but many areas of our beautiful country read loud and clear."
- C. Heinzelmann, May 17, 2016 
NEW!  Published August 2017 - 
"I was born and raised in Amite County, MS, and the book was a trip down memory lane for me.  I loved it!
-C. Patton, October 24, 2017 

"A Liberty native has written a book of memories that feel like the cover of an old-timey Christmas card - peaceful village, glowing church, children frolicking in the snow on the courthouse lawn.  There wasn't much snow, but as a boy Anders did as a boy frolick on the courthouse lawn...
...In 2011, as a retirement project, Anders purchased the Wilk-Amite Record, which he ran in 2011-12 before selling it.  The book is a collection of 'Back Home' columns he wrote for the paper.  His

columns cover a wide variety of topics, but most center around southwest Mississippi and the nostalgia of growing up here...  
...The book maintains a pleasant, lighthearted style, like a conversation over coffee at a local café...
...Each chapter is like opening another Christmas present."
---News story of December 18, 2017, in the McComb (MS) Enterprise-Journal, by reporter Ernest Herndon